Expropriate the patriarchy!

Patriarchy Equals Perpetual Crisis!

Patriarchy and capitalism have plunged us into a never-ending series of crises: wars, inflation, a global pandemic, collapsing healthcare systems, and the already devastating effects of climate change – especially in the Global South. For a variety of reasons, FLINTA* (women, lesbians, inter*, nonbinary, trans*, agender) belong to those worst affected by these crises. These developments which already define our daily lives are generated and amplified by patriarchal and capitalist structures.

 However, in times of great difficulty there lies the possibility of a radical new beginning. Crises can be a wake-up call to break with entrenched ideas of an outdated system. It is time to expropriate the patriarchy!

Patterns of Oppression

Patriarchy follows the binary gender logic of masculine – feminine[3#]. It uses the devaluation of everything the binary gender logic coins as female to maintain its power. This causes structural discrimination including, but not limited to:

– low wages in caring professions

– pushing intra-family care work into the private sphere

– femicides and the criminalization of abortion 

Furthermore, queer people who do not fit into these heteronormative boxes are subjected to additional violence. Trans* people are denied their existence and suffer life-threatening physical assaults. The nonbinary people among them constantly fall through bureaucratic cracks.

Expropriate the Patriarchy!

Expropriation is to be understood as a means of taking away the patriarchy’s power over material resources and finally abolishing its discriminatory structures. This is the only way we can create a just society that no longer discriminates against FLINTA* and eliminates the capitalist exploitation of the planet. Public goods like housing, hospitals, infrastructure and energy supply have to be returned to the hands of the people in order to provide fair access for all. All of us must actively strive to unlearn sexism, queerphobia, racism, antisemitism and any other forms of discrimination to combat them in solidarity.

Our Role Models

Our role models for shaping a feminist future lie in international liberation movements. Be it the Icelandic women’s strike of 1975, the Indian Gulabi Gang or the current feminist liberation struggles in Iran and Kurdistan. Let us take inspiration from their strength – let’s take to the streets together on March 8!